Successful Completion of FREY 1st Dop Demo Day

The Frey 1st DOP Demo Day at Bootleg Canyon has concluded successfully. Riding an electric bike at Bootleg Canyon allows you to effortlessly navigate even rugged terrain. Winding through twisting trails, you’re surrounded by magnificent natural scenery, with the vastness of the desert and the depth of the canyons stretching out before you.

Meanwhile, you can feel the pleasure that physical activity brings, enjoying the relaxation of both body and mind that outdoor sports provide. At Bootleg Canyon, the surroundings consist of endless desert landscapes, characterized by unique sandstone formations and intermingling rock shapes, creating breathtaking vistas.

In the distance, the winding canyons are bathed in the glow of sunlight, while the sky is a deep blue, occasionally adorned with a few wisps of white clouds, adding a gentle touch to the scenery. The new Freybike ebike dop2.0 has brought everyone an extraordinary riding experience.

Compared to traditional mountain bikes, the dop2.0 makes weekend rides enjoyable and relaxing. You don’t have to rely solely on leg power, as just half the effort allows you to effortlessly climb slopes and ride all day without feeling fatigued.

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