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FREY is an electric bike company born out of a simple concept – Free Ride, Enjoy Yourself.
One may describe freedom as a luxury, at FREY, we believe that it is a right.
It is a right for wanderlusts everywhere to see the unseen;
it is a right for e-bikes geeks everywhere to see their dreams come true;
it is a right for commuters everywhere to enjoy a hassle free experience.
Or as we like to call it, FREYdom.


electric mountain bike

Outdoor Enthusiasts:

“Looking for the best electric mountain bike, powerful like a beast, long-lasting battery like an old Nokia cellphone”.

electric mountain bike

Specs Chasers:

“A regular visitor of ‘Ebikes’ forum’. You know exactly what you are looking for. You are still seeking an ultimate brand that offers customization options, understands what you need, and what technology is required to build your dream bike”.

electric mountain bike

Leisure Riders:

“Thinking that riding should be enjoyable, rather than struggling to ride uphill and getting tired of pedaling. You are looking for an e-bike that explores more trails and longer distances than ever before“.

electric mountain bike

Hybrid Commuters:

“Looking for an all-around e-bike that can take you to all kinds of terrains with sufficient battery capacity to minimize your stress traveling between places”.


To co-create cost and performance efficient all terrain ebikes with distinctive specs with all riders.

Frey produces ultra powered all terrain e-mountain bikes that, from enthusiast level to entry level customers, need and want, for a very reasonable price.


electric mountain bike


  • Users are encouraged to influence the design, build of the bike, to create products that are truly from users’ point of view.
  •  A strong sense of community-creating an environment that bring users together, not just spokes persons.
  • Empowering users’ desire to achieve their ideas of a dream vehicle and a commute ecosystem that makes sense for them.

High-end Specs:

  • Industry leading battery capacity.
  • Customizable parts and builds for bike enthusiasts who want a truly unique bike of their own.
  • High-end specs allow commuters to replace cars, stepping into the future of true zero carbon footprint mode of transportation.
  • Further explore the possibility of outdoor tourism.
electric mountain bike
electric mountain bike

Great Benefit-Cost Ratio:

  • High industry standard suppliers, affordable price point, fulfilling the “no compromises” ideology that only a very few brands could achieve.
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