Ride e-mountain bikes through forests.

Try our electric mountain bikes for a thrilling and effortless adventure. With a strong battery life, high-speed motor, and frequent gear changes, conquer steep inclines without fatigue and enjoy a full day of riding. Choose our electric mountain bikes for your next adventure.

What is an electric mountain bike?

e-MTBs provide a powerful electric boost, top-quality suspensions, and sturdy frames for conquering difficult terrain. They offer complete control while exploring new heights, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced riders. Upgrade your ride to take your trail adventures to the next level.

electric mountain bike
electric mountain bike

What kind of motors do e-MTBs use?

Choose a frey electric mountain bike with unbeatable mid-drive motor technology! The motor’s unique location at the center of the bike offers a stable balance point and a wide range of power capacities to choose from, allowing you to customize your experience while riding uphill or cruising. Gain control and confidence with frey’s superior technology.

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