2024’s EMTB Collaboration: BAFANG Customizes Exclusive Frey Motor Electric Bike

Achieving the ultimate control experience is paramount for enthusiasts of both traditional mountain biking and the cutting-edge realm of electric mountain biking (EMTB) in 2024. To cater to this demand, FREY has initiated a profound collaboration with BAFANG, a pioneer in motor electric bike technology.

Through meticulous gathering of road test data and meticulous integration of the unique demands presented by mountain biking scenarios, the underlying code powering the latest EMTB models has undergone extensive restructuring. This overhaul ensures a smoother and more linear power output, enabling immediate responses to acceleration and stopping commands alike. Whether tackling steep uphill climbs or navigating intricate terrain, riders can now exert precise control over their journey, effortlessly stopping or propelling forward at will. This significant enhancement has markedly elevated the stability and maneuverability of the DOP (Dynamic Off-road Performance), pushing its capabilities to unprecedented levels.

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