Free Upgrade to 30Ah Large Battery

Enjoy savings of up to $300 on selected e-bikes.

New upgraded electric bike

High-power, long-range, belt-compatible with Bafang 5S hubs and new frame design.

The application scenarios of e-bikes:Mountain Trail Riding, Climbing Steep Hills, Urban Commuting, Hunting, Fishing, Snow Riding, Desert Riding, Forestry Work, Remote Exploration, Cycling Tourism, Wilderness Camping, Farm and Park Patrolling

Our Company Capabilities


FREY's success extends beyond our own brand to providing OE and brand customization services to multiple well-known outdoor sports brands.Partner with FREY today and experience the benefits of our premium ODM service.

Your premium custom e-bike manufacturer


The Savannah e-bike series offers an affordable and enjoyable riding experience for recreation, fitness, and commuting. With a powerful battery, riders can travel up to 80 km and experience the freedom of the open road.


The Liberty series is designed for versatile terrain. With a big battery, fat tires, and a powerful derailleur set, riders can confidently explore trails, beaches, forests and more. Enjoy the freedom of the Liberty series.


The Frey Voyager is a powerful, high-end electric bike built for outdoor exploration. With advanced technology for racing efficiency, suspension, and durability, it's versatile for hills and trails.

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Beyond the product's performance, I must commend Frey ebike for its exemplary customer service. During the purchase process, the sales team provided professional advice that guided me to choose the style and configuration that best suited my needs. The after-sales service has been exceptional, with prompt responses to inquiries and a high level of support in case of any maintenance needs. The brand's proactive communication and genuine care make me feel supported and trusted throughout my experience with Frey ebike. Overall, as a customer, I am highly satisfied with both the product and service, solidifying my belief that I made a wise purchasing decision.


As a Frey ebike dealer, I proudly endorse the exceptional quality and customer satisfaction in every unit. Frey's commitment to excellence, advanced technology, and rider-centric design make it my top choice for a reliable, high-performance electric biking experience in today's market.

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