How to Buy Frey Bike: A Step-by-Step Instruction(Desktop User Version)

Thank you and welcome for joining Frey Bike Family! We aim to keep working on increasing your shopping experience with us. So, we upgraded our website! Today, we will guide you step by step on well exploring our new website and finally find the right e-bike for yourself!

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Let’s get started!!!

Step 1 - Explore the Navigation bar

As you can see, we are on Frey Bike home page. The first thing we want to show you is the Navigation bar. From left to right, the order is:

1.Frey Logo: Click on the Frey logo anytime to swiftly return to the homepage, no matter where you are on the website.

2.E-BIKES: Explore our extensive range of electric bikes. Whether you’re commuting in the city, hitting the trails, or conquering all-mountain terrains, Frey has the perfect e-bike for you.

3.ACCESSORIES: Illuminate your ride and enhance your biking experience with our collection of bike lights and other essential accessories. Discover a variety of lighting solutions and additional components to complement your ride.

4.COMMUNITY: Immerse yourself in the Frey biking community. Watch inspiring videos and photos. See firsthand the incredible journeys and experiences our users have had with their Frey bikes.

5.HELP CENTER: Need assistance or have questions? Visit our Help Center for comprehensive guides, FAQs, and resources to ensure you make the most out of your Frey biking experience.

6.COMPANY: Delve into the heart of Frey. Learn about our brand story, philosophy, and mission. Understand what drives us to create exceptional electric bikes.

7.CONTACT US: Have inquiries or just want to reach out? Our contact section is where you can find us. Drop your questions, and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

8.BLOG: Stay informed and entertained with our blog. Explore articles on biking tips, product spotlights, and the latest trends in the biking world.

Step 2 - Browse the SERIES page

Currently, let’s guide you through the EBIKES featured in the navigation bar. When you hover your mouse over “E-BIKES,” two options will unfold for you to explore. Simply click on the one that best suits your preferences. One segment categorizes by series, while the other focuses on purpose-driven series.

To illustrate, let’s take Mountain E-Bikes as an example. Click on the Mountain E-Bikes page, and you’ll discover an in-depth introduction to this specific series.

The following are five e-bikes belonging to the MOUNTAIN EBIKES category.

Now, we hope you are super clear about what you want. You can go to the one you wish to by clicking the product title below for more details.

Step 3 - Search for your dream bike

If you have a particular bike model or a specific bike component in mind, you can explore your preferences by using the search feature represented by the magnifying glass icon on the right or navigating through the Product category. Simply input the name of your desired color, size, or specifications into the search bar. The system will promptly display relevant products.

Scroll down to view the product details, and for certain bikes, you have the option to customize your bike further with add-on parts to meet your specific needs, making it unique. Simply click on the parts’ names and add them to your cart.

Step 4 - Search for your dream bike

After clicking ‘Add to cart,’ you can choose between ‘VIEW CART’ or ‘CHECKOUT’ from the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner.

Step 5 - Your bike is coming to you!

1.Upon order receipt, we promptly notify our warehouse, which arranges immediate shipment. UPS/Fedex delivery takes about 5-7 days, making the entire process approximately 5-7 working days, excluding specific bike models for Europe. For inquiries, contact customer service. Shipments from the USA warehouse are destined for the continental USA.

2.Usually, it takes 20-30 days to produce the bike. Then it will be delivered to you. The delivery time is about 32-37 days. For additional information, please contact customer service.

electric mountain bike

During this period, you are welcome to Contact Us to have the latest updates on your order.

Step 6 - To keep you informed and updated

When you scroll down the whole page to the bottom, you will find the footer below the main body content. If you cannot find what you’re looking for in the navigation bar, please check out the footer.

The most important thing is to register for our newsletter and follow our social media to get the latest info (ex., New bikes releases and/or discounts).

Step 7 - How to assemble Frey Bike

Don’t know how to assemble Frey Bike? The installation manual will be sent to you with your bike.
Or easily check this Assembly Instruction via our Youtube Channel.

Step 8 Have further questions?

If you have any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience Click Me.We are always here for help.

Thank you for shopping with Frey bike.

We sincerely hope you can Free Ride & Enjoy Yourself!

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