If you know about FREY bikes and you have plan to order the determined model, just find out the bike model in product list and choose suitable size and color available to order.
If you have not final decided what bike to order, you can contact us to tell you specific needs and we will advise or recommend some model for your choice
About size to choose, general advice for the size fit for different height riders as below for reference:
M size 165-175cm, L size: 170-185cm, XL size: 180-195cm
You can also find a detailed geometry chart for the model in the product page. And you can check and decide the size by yourself.

For small quantity order 1-5units, lead time for the order ready to delivery is 20-30 days. Depend on the model, size, color and quantity. We will confirm a lead time after checking your order.

To All Destinated Countries: The whole process is about 59-90 days.
Click here to see the cost of shipping.

As soon as you get the order package, please check whether the outer packaging is intact without damage. Then unpack the bike carton, take out the bike and assemble it completely. Finally, turn on the power and have a test riding to confirm the bike is in right condition and works well. If there is any doubt, please feel free to contact us immediately to confirm.

We offer 2 years warranty for electrical system include battery, charger, motor system and bike framework after you receive the bike.
Please kindly note you must make sure to use the bike in normal and suitable condition without unauthorized disassembly, modification, abnormal, overload or excessive use, impact, accidents etc.
And bicycle consumables include tires, brake pads, chain, cassette etc are not in warranty area if they are in good condition and works well when you receive the bike.

If you have quality problem in warranty and normal use. Please do not try to disassembly or repair before contact us to state the original condition with detailed description and related photo or video. And tell your order number, bike frame number and receiving date at the same time, we will check your case and response you within 24 hours as soon as possible.
Next step, if further more information required, we will ask you to confirm and analyze your case. It will cost 1-3 days and we will feedback as soon as possible.
Finally, we will conclude a solution and confirm with you, we will proceed it after your confirmation. Maybe send you some replacement parts to you or find some localized solution if necessary.

Refund requests made within 3 business days of placing the order are eligible for a full refund. For refund requests made between 3 business days to the production day, you are subject to a $100 deduction from your refund. For refund requests made after your order has been produced, a $300 deduction would be charged.

We accept unconditional order modification within 3 days after you place order and done payment if confirm the change can be achieved without problem. After 3 days, if require to do some changes, some extra cost and a new lead time should be check and confirm again before modification.

We DO NOT accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective or you received the wrong products. If you receive a defective/wrong item, please contact us with details of the product and the defect. We will provide satisfactory solutions for you.

Your Authorized Specialized Retailer can help you set up your suspension. To do it at home, you’ll need your bicycle user manual, a shock pump, all your normal riding gear, and someone to help you.

  1. Look up the sag recommended for your frame in your user manual.
  2. Set your rebound and compression adjustment to the open or trail positions. Unscrew the air valve and thread a shock pump onto the air valve. Add air pressure (in psi) equal to your body weight including all riding gear.
  3. To check the sag, push the o-ring against the seal, then mount the bicycle while propped up against a wall. Sit in the saddle in a normal riding position, without bouncing. Do not set sag while riding!
  4. When the pressure is correctly set, the o-ring will move about 30% of the shock stroke distance after the rider’s weight has been applied to the bike with no bounce.
  5. Add more air pressure if your sag is greater than 30%; release air pressure if your sag is less than 30%. Repeat steps 3-4 until your sag is correctly set.

Rebound damping (usually a red knob) controls how quickly the shock returns after compression. The rear shock has a range of rebound clicks to fine-tune the rebound return rate. See your user manual for the suggested rebound adjustment. Use the below steps as a guide:

  1. Start with the rebound set in the middle of the click range.
  2. Turn clockwise for slower rebound (heavier riders, slower speed, bigger hits).
  3. Turn counter-clockwise for faster rebound (lighter riders, faster speed, smaller bumps, and greater traction).

Most forks with an air spring have a small decal on the back of the fork’s lower leg to indicate suggested air pressure for your rider weight, including all riding gear. You can also find this information in your user manual. If you don’t have this information handy, you can estimate 1/2 of your rider weight.

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