Frey Club Successfully Concludes Parent-Child Cycling Event

Amidst the weekend’s cheerful atmosphere, Frey Club’s carefully organized parent-child cycling event came to a perfect close, bringing not only joyful moments for families but also establishing a bridge between parents and children. Participants shared in a lively and delightful adventure, making it a truly memorable experience. Let’s revisit these unforgettable moments and savor the exciting highlights together.

1.Picking up your vehicle at your doorstep and doing an initial check and maintenance.

This involves making sure the brakes work well, adjusting the gears for smooth shifting, taking care of the bike chain, and checking the tire pressure.

2.The bicycles are ready.

Ready for action

3.Arriving at the scene one after another

Frey explains safety knowledge and cycling skills.


Coach Yu and Safety Officers Escorting

5.Arrive at the tea plantation

experience the electric-assist bicycle, and enjoy the sensation of flying.

After a quick tutorial, enjoy a unique cycling experience, effortlessly mastering skills for a stress-free uphill ride. Break personal limits and relish the joy of cycling.

Parents have noted that bikes inspected and maintained by Frey Club provide an enhanced riding experience.

6.Thoughtful service

a caring team

7.Leisurely Interaction

The children actively engage in interactive activities, and parents thoroughly enjoy the experience.

8.Scenic Views Along the Way

Delight in the joy that cycling brings us.

9.End of Cycling Excursion - Cleaning and Maintenance

After the activity, perform cleaning and maintenance on the vehicles.

10.Specialized Transport for Return

Transportation back to the designated location, neatly arranged.

In this parent-child cycling excursion, we witnessed the profound bond among families, shared the joy of outdoor cycling, and created precious memories together. Children ran freely and laughter echoed amid the natural scenery, while parents experienced the beauty of companionship through interactive moments with their kids.

In the upcoming times of 2024, Frey Club will organize a variety of activities. Interested friends, feel free to contact us!

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